Es modelo XXL y ama su cuerpo: “Tengo 99 problemas y ser gorda no es uno de ellos”

Se llama Julianna Mazzei, es activista y decidió inspirar a otras mujeres con sobrepeso para que se acepten tal cual son.

Julianna Mazzei, también conocida como Jewels, decidió volverse una “activista” contra el cuerpo 90-60-90 y  busca que las mujeres con cuerpos XXL no permitan que el bullying les afecte.

“Me llamaron ballena y tarro de manteca”, dijo esta joven mujer con obesidad que decidió compartir su experiencia para inspirar amor propio y ser un referente de las mujeres que están lejos de los estándares de moda actuales.

Más conocida como Jewels, la activista se unió a la corriente del movimiento que promueve el amor propio y la autoaceptación, y que tiene como referentes a modelos instagramers como Iskra Lawrence,  Ashley Graham y en Argentina Brenda Mato.

Today's the day, It's finally here!!! Back in October I shared my story with @barcroft_tv and now I can finally share with you. The best thing about this video is that its not just be talking about my journey but my Mom talks about it. I just wanted to thank my friend @vicky420x for being apart of it and sharing some of her story. To the amazing photographer @craveboudoir, you make my life! Not to mention @bigsiscloset for letting me come in and model some outfits. Also for @lartistelaur for filming and putting up with me all day 🤣, and driving me around. This photo was taken during the shoot that was videographed, I'll be uploading the video here this afternoon. But if you just can't wait. You can click the link in my bio 😘. #bigandblunt #igot99problemsbutmyfataintone #bigarmnoharm #fuckfatphobia

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Ice cream cones and summer vacation, it all feels a million light years ago. That once upon a time when I could avoid toxic diet culture talk, and wasn't asked 5 times a day how many calories something has. Back to a time before I was a barista and had a parent of an 8th grader force her daughter to get skim milk and no whip cream on her hot chocolate. A time before this same parent on a different day embarrased her daughter by telling her "remember what we talked about, don't forget your on a diet, when the daughter tried to order a cookie and then got nothing. Can I start off my saying we should not be teaching young girls how to diet but instead should be teaching them how to love themselves more. To be pushing diet culture at such a young age is disgraceful, these children are still growing. It's bad enough young girls get blasted from the media, their friends, and even school about diet culture, but to have it pushed on you at home, I know what that feels like. It feels like torture. The pressure and pain it can cause on someone's mental health is REAL! Remember that next time you remind someone how many calories something has or suggest they get a salad instead. We need to end diet culture talk, especially around young children, that's it, enough is enough! #BigAndBlunt #riotsnotdiets

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